Disrtict Judge & Director Karnataka Mediation Centre, Bengaluru

“I am a proud alumnous of J.S.S. Law College, Mysuru. The rigorous and excellent academic programs and mentoring by the committed faculty equipped me to succeed in this competitive world. Outside of the classroom, the College gave access to a lively environment that encouraged me to follow my dreams. Everything from cultural events and volunteer initiatives to student groups and extracurricular activities, there was always something exciting going on at the campus. These encounters helped me establish enduring relationships with instructors, alumni and other students.

Reflecting on the time spent at the College, I appreciate the opportunities given to develop, gain knowledge and add to this lively institution’s fabric. During my time here, I was indoctrinated with the ideals of honesty, excellence and caring for the community, which today serve as compass in both my personal and professional activities.

I am honored to have graduated from J.S.S. Law College, Mysuru and to have carried with me the knowledge and experiences that helped to shape my career and be my current self. I will always be appreciative of this institution’s influence on my life, and look forward to watching new generations of students of this great institution flourish and succeed.”