Moot Club

About the Club:

Moot Court training is an important part of any law institution. This training equips a law student to cope successfully with the strains of profession in the courts of law. The training imparts several essential skills such as Research, data analysis, framing of the issues and contentions, examining and cross-examining and presenting the arguments. The training enables the student to learn the science of drafting of conveyances, pleadings and memorials. University of Mysore has introduced Moot Court Training as a Practical subject for the final year students of the new Integrated Semester course. Besides giving this training, a supporting system of Mooting also becomes “necessary to recognize and motivate talents of Advocacy. Henceforth, a Moot Club has constituted in the year 1999. This club has a membership of all the interested students of the college. At the beginning of the academic year they “form a team of office bearers to facilitate the smooth conduction of Moot Court activities.


  • To hold interclass moot competitions.
  • To conduct inter college moot competitions.
  • To select and train teams to represent the college at various States, National and International level moot competitions.
  • To train the student to prepare memorials for the competition by extensive research.
  • To install a spirit of teamwork and organizational leadership abilities.
  • To motivate the student to do collective research and material analysis.
  • To train the students in conducting and participating Moot Court and Mock Court trials
  • To impart the techniques of Client Counseling.
  • To impart the Court etiquette and ethical aspects in the practice of law.
  • To train the students for Moot Court Competition on various aspects of Law.
  • To encourage the students in participating in Moot Quiz/ Inter Class Moot Competition.
  • Involving the students in Moot problems drafting competitions, preparation of the Memorials for the Moot Court and guidance to follow the steps/ procedures adopted in civil & criminal cases.


  • Moot Court competition will also increase the level of awareness and understanding of the mandate and activities of the Court. Furthermore, it will promote access and facilitate understanding of the judicial processes at the Court.
  • Moot Court is a venue, where the analysis, drafting, presentation and arguing skills of an upcoming lawyer are put to test. As part of Practical paper all students are required to present a minimum of three moot courts in the final year where, students are trained at understanding moot court, its rules and methodology before they actually participate in Moot Court. For this purpose, a comprehensive training program is conducted for the students, where in, the concept and methodology of moot court is explained to the students.
  • Legal training anywhere in the world requires the capacity to objectively assess the facts, apply relevant principles of law and legislation and bring out reasons and arguments to justify ones stand.
  • To assists the students of the college to develop their faculties of rational thinking, articulation, presentation of arguments and moreover strives to inculcate in each of the students, the spirit of professionalism, leadership and a strong desire for acquiring legal knowledge.
  • To reimburse expenses incurred for various above-mentioned activities.


  • Every student who seeks admission is expected to be a member of this Club.

Selection to  Moot Competition:

  • The Moot Club holds a selection moot court every year to select the students who are eligible to represent the College in the various National and International Moot Court Competitions. From the panel of selected students, the faculty in charge in consultation with the Principal and other faculty members decide the team of students to participate in specific competitions. Intensive training is given to students who are assigned for Moot Court Competitions. They are trained in memorial preparation, research methodology and are compulsorily required to present practice moots (Mock Moot) before the subject faculty.
  • The Moot Court Club is the student committee entrusted with the responsibility of administering mooting activities and upholding the high standards of excellence that our JSS Law College is committed to achieve. The Moot Court Club always strives to achieve the objective with a vision to provide Indian Judicial system with the best of lawyers trained and groomed in all aspects.