Faculty    –   Guest Faculty   –    Administrative Staff

Name: Prof. K.S Suresh – B.Com, LL.M.,
Designation: Chief Executive
Mobile No.: 09686677266
E-mail: suresh@jsslawcollege.in Download Profile..
Name: Dr. S. Nataraju – M.Sc., LL.M., UGC-NET, Ph.D
Designation: Principal
E-mail:principal@jsslawcollege.in snataraju.jsslc@gmail.com
Mobile No.: 09060996699  Download  Profile…

Name: Prof. M.M Prabhuswamy – M.A., LL.M.,
Designation: Assistant Professor
E-mail: prabhuswamy.jsslc@gmail.com
Mobile No.: 09972829818
Name: Prof. P. Shivananda Bharathi – B.Sc., LL.M.,
Designation:Associate Professor and Controller of Examinations
Mobile No.: 09986070590
Name: Prof. M.P Nagendramurthy – B.Com., LL.M.,
Designation: Associate Professor and NSS Coordinator
E-mail: nagendramurthymp@gmail.com
Mobile No.:09448064773
Name: Sri Suresh Kumar – M.P.Ed
Designation: Physical Education Director
Mobile No.:09845524312
Name: Dr. N. Vanishree – LL.M.,Ph.D
Designation:Assistant Professor
E-mail: vanishreejsslc@gmail.com
Mobile No.: 09739218023
Name: Smt M.C Usharani – LL.M., (UGCNET)
Designation:Assistant Professor
E-mail: ushe_rani77@yahoo.co.in
Mobile No.:09632551140
Name: Sri. M. Chidananda – MLib-(K-SET)
Designation: Librarian
Mobile No.:09945836820
Name: Sri. Madhu Kumar R.N – M.Sc.- IT
Designation: Computer Science Lecturer/Systems Manager
Email: madhukumar.mys@gmail.com
Mobile No.:09611984219
Name: Jagadish A.T B.A.L., LL.M., (UGCNET & K-SET)
Designation:Assistant Professor
E-mail: jagadishat@gmail.com
Mobile No.: 09449279359
Name: Smt. Nandini M SMA(English)
Designation: Assistant Professor
Mobile No:09964404882
Name: Smt. Sunitha  – MBA, MPhil, (UGC-NET)
Designation: Assistant Professor
Mobile No:09481150059
Name: Sri. Nagendra 
MA – Political Science, MA-English, MBA, MPhil
Designation :Assistant Professor
Mobile: 09663662139
Name: Smt. Swapna G Patil – LL.M.,
Designation: Assistant Professor
Mobile No:08884409214
Name: Smt. Ashwini – LL.M (UGC-NET & K-SET)
Designation: Assistant Professor
Mobile No: 09632022556
Name: Ms. Ms. Asmathunnisa G – LL.M (K-SET)
Designation: Assistant Professor
Mobile: 07204578694
Name: Smt. Sheela Ganesh – LL.M.,UGC-NET
Designation: Assistant Professor
Mobile No.: 09483501606
Name: Smt. Tejaswini M – MBI. Tech, M.Com
Designation: Assistant Professor
Mobile No.: 09731810468
Guest Faculty
Name:Dr C.K.N Raja
Designation:Guest Faculty
Name: M. BasavarajuM.A., LL.M.,
Mobile No.: 09343186060:
Name: Sri. B.N. Chandrashekar  (Charted Accountant)
Designation:Guest Faculty
Mobile: 09448491790
Name: Sri. Dharmendra T.P (Advocate)
Designation:Guest Faculty
Name: Sri. Rajashekar – LL.M.,
Designation :Guest Faculty
Mobile: 09945657504
Name: Sri. Krishna Murthy -LL.M
Designation :Guest Faculty
Mobile: 09449687549
Name: Smt. K.S. Poornima (MA – Sociology)
Designation:Guest Faculty
Mobile No.:09141565669
Name: Sri. B S Savanth(Advocate)
Designation:Guest Faculty
Mobile No.:09740097497
Name: Smt. Prathiba – LL.M.,
Designation : Guest Faculty
Mobile No.:09986492535
Name: Sri Rohith Subbayya  (Advocate)
Designation : Guest Faculty
Mobile No.:09480004999
Name: Ms. Annie Pramitha Castoline
Designation : Guest Faculty
Mobile No.:09738302321
Name: Smt. Priya A Jagadish
Designation : Guest Faculty
Mobile No.:09481669874
Name: Sri. Benki Chidanand – M.Com, LL.M, MBA, CA. IIB
Designation : Guest Faculty
Mobile No.:09620160333
Name: Mr. Pranav Nair
Designation : Guest Faculty
Mobile No.:07019546474
Name: Ms. Sneha Jagadish
Designation : Guest Faculty
Mobile No.:08892240232
Administrative Staff
Name: Sri.Muddumadappa
Designation: Superintendent
Mobile No.:9164355527
Name: Sri.Mhadevaswamy
Designation: FDA
Name: Sri. Rudresh
Designation: DTP Operator
Name: Smt. S Pankaja
Designation: Steno
Name:Sri Mudduraju
Designation: SDA
Name: Smt Malini N
Designation: SDA
Name: Sri. T.B Shashidhara
Designation: Library Assistant
Name: Sri. Kumarswamy
Designation: Circulation Assistant
Name: Sri. Guruprasad
Designation: Technical Assistant
Name: Sri. Mhadevaswamy
Designation: Electrician
Name: Mr. Madan
Designation: SDA
Name: Sri. Shivashanth
Designation: SDA
Name: Ms. Nanda
Designation: Hostel Warden
Mobile No: 8095614684
Name: Sri. Maligashetty
Designation: Attender
Name: Sri. Siddesh K P
Designation: Office Attender
Name: Sri. Basavaraju
Designation: Office Peon
Name: Smt. Suma
Designation: Office Peon
Name: Sri. Mahadev
Designation: Gardner