About Us

JSS Law College, a  professional autonomous college functioning under the aegis of JSS Mahavidyapeetha, was established in the year 1982. Since its inception it is striving to search for innovative methods in imparting legal education. It has been able to establish itself as one of the best law colleges. It is attracting students from all over the country and also abroad. The college has been recognized by the Bar Council of India and UGC-College with Potential for Excellence.

JSS Law college is the first law college in the country to become autonomous. Autonomy of an institution is its right of governance to fulfill its objectives with minimum interference or control from others. The concept of autonomy of a college reserves its right to admit students on merit, determine curriculum, impart teaching, evaluate the performance of students and maintain high standards as a higher educational institution with minimum control by the University and the Government. Autonomous status lays emphasis on what shall be taught, how it shall be taught and how it shall be evaluated. The degree, however, will be awarded by the  Karnataka State Law University, Hubli.

The faculty, staff and students share a deep belief in and commitment to the Institution’s programmes. The teaching and learning process happens in a unique atmosphere of mutual respect, participation and interaction.